Mayor Seeks Public Comment On Lakefront Development

CLEVELAND (AP) - Mayor Jane Campbell is holding public meetings starting Wednesday night on a proposal to move a highway away from Lake Erie and to open at least 350 city-owned acres to waterfront development of parks, homes and businesses.

In a separate but related effort, three nonprofit groups have received a grant to study how other cities have remade their waterfronts. The goal is to find what has worked best elsewhere and what could work in Cleveland.

"This is about connecting our two greatest assets, our lakefront and our people," Campbell said Tuesday.

The sudden interest in the lake was spurred by a planned reconstruction of the Shoreway, the highway that walls the city off from the lake.

Also sparking the recent zeal for waterfront planning are the Greater Cleveland Growth Association and Cleveland Tomorrow, which spent $150,000 last year to come up with a new vision.

The two groups, comprised of prominent business leaders, propose shoving the highway well away from the lake and building an 8-mile, tree-lined boulevard and bike path along the waterfront.

The future of Burke Lakefront Airport is so far not considered. Downtown City Councilman Joe Cimperman advocates closing it for development.

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