Bus Driver Accused Of Committing Sex Crime Against Children

STRONGSVILLE, Ohio - A man who had a job that gave him access to a lot of children is now accused of committing a sex crime involving them, 19/43 News' Ed Gallek exclusively reported.

A substitute bus driver in Strongsville who is accused of sending pornography to what he thought was a young girl has now been locked up in jail.

Investigators busted substitute driver George Carpenter III after detectives said that he sent child pornography over the Internet.

Detectives said that Carpenter thought he was connecting with a 14-year-old girl in Illinois, but he was actually dealing with an undercover cop.

Parents of students in Strongsville, including Jeannine Traner, who is the mother of a sixth-grader, said that the news about Carpenter raises a red flag.

"It's the first I've heard of it," Traner said after 19/43 News broke the news to her. "You've totally shocked me.

"It raises concern for you as a parent. If there was any contact, it would cause concern for sure."

19/43 News knocked on the door at Carpenter's home. A woman peeked through the blinds, but then disappeared.

Investigators said that at the very moment they knocked on the door to arrest Carpenter, he was online with the undercover detective who was posing as a teen-ager.

"He was very explicit with the 14-year-old girl," Cuyahoga County Sheriff's Department spokesman Rob Surgenor Jr. said.

Surgenor Jr., who is with the county's Internet Crime Task Force, said that sheriff's deputies and prosecutors with help from the Cleveland Police Department and federal agents continue to examine Carpenter's computers.

"All of his computers will be examined for any kind of chat communication or other victims," Surgenor Jr. said.

As a substitute driver, Carpenter didn't have a regular route, meaning that he could have dealt with children all over the district. District officials, however, said that it had not received any complaints.

19/43 News will continue to follow the story and let you know what detectives find in Carpenter's computers.