Public Housing Agency Will Check Recently Renovated Apartments

AKRON, Ohio (AP) - The Akron Metropolitan Housing Authority plans to remove residents from 67 apartments at its Joy Park complex to make sure no health-threatening mold is in 16 previously renovated buildings.

The project will likely cost $2 million, or nearly 20 percent of the agency's annual capital improvements budget, officials said.

Going back to make sure mold is not a problem is "the prudent thing to do" after mold problems two years ago in other buildings at Joy Park in southeast Akron, said Anthony O'Leary, executive director.

"This latest cleanup is part of our ongoing commitment to make certain our residents are living in the safest conditions possible," he said Wednesday.

O'Leary said there is no evidence of mold causing health problems for any tenants at Joy Park, but air sampling indicated that there was some mold infestation in four occupied apartments there.

That testing was done after tenants had moved out and none had complained of mold or health problems, he said.

The latest work is expected to begin about June 1 and will likely take three to four months to complete, he said.

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