Man Stuffed In Car Trunk Calls 911 For Help

EAST CLEVELAND – Howard Drake, the manager of Popeye's Chicken in East Cleveland, was headed to the bank with register money when a gun-wielding robber ambushed him, Action News' Lynna Lai reported.

The thug stuffed Drake in the trunk of his car and started to make off with the money, the car and Drake.

What the robber didn't know was that Drake was armed as well -- with a cell phone.

Drake used the phone to call 911 while he was inside the trunk. At first, the dispatcher couldn't believe her ears.

  • Drake: Hi. … I'm being robbed right now. I'm in the trunk of my car in East Cleveland.
    911: Howard?
    Drake: I don't want to talk loud. He's stopping.
    911: When you took off from behind Popeye's, did it feel like you went right or left on Euclid?
    Drake: I don't know where we are now. … The guy came from around the bushes with a gun.

Thanks to eyewitness leads, however, Drake and his captor didn't go far.

  • 911: We've got everybody on the line looking for you, Howard.

Police quickly picked up Drake's red Chrysler a few miles away from the restaurant. They found no robber or money, just Drake, who managed to push out to daylight through the backseat.

  • 911: All right, Howard. I'm glad to hear everything is OK with you.