New Exhibits Highlight Rock Hall's 50-Year Celebration

CLEVELAND – Would you like to see Michael Jackson's "Thriller" outfit or Kurt Cobain's guitar up close?

If so, then the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum is the place to be, Action News reported.

Starting on Wednesday, Rock Hall visitors will see the already mentioned memorabilia and much more.

Among the other pieces of history are burned out equipment from a hot show, Elton John's ever-flamboyant garb and clothes worn on stage by the legendary Aretha Franklin.

It's all a part of the timeline of the Hall of Fame's 50-year celebration exhibit.

The question is: How do you know that what you see is the real deal? Rock Hall exhibitors, including Christie Lucco, said that you could sometimes tell by smelling the merchandise.

"There has been a few occasions where an artist has finished using it to shoot a video or concert and they've sort of wrapped it up without having it cleaned or dry-cleaned," Lucco said. "When we open it up, it's pretty atrocious."

There is even a "Teen Idol" exhibit featuring Britney, Christina, Justin and the like. It also opened on Wednesday.