Rap Music Revenge Leads To Violence In Recording Studio

CLEVELAND – A rapper went into a local recording studio on Monday with a gun and came out on a stretcher, Action News' Paul Orlousky reported.

The studio's location at East 123rd Street and Superior Avenue is a tough part of town, and by all accounts, rapper Derek Lawrence, better known as Ricky Streets, is a tough guy. On Monday, however, Streets was shot after a week-old feud with record promoter Fatty Banks turned into a shootout at Banks' record shop -- Supertight Music.

Behind the crime scene tape, there is a street story. It's not the obvious one, of an inner city feud boiling over into gunfire, terrorizing neighbors, rather a story of a feud fueled by rap culture.

"It's something that should never, ever, ever, ever, ever have happened," record promoter Robert Seats said.

Those who know Streets said that the feud with Banks was over a CD release party. Streets reportedly felt disrespected because everybody was paid except him.

Streets' music is street music -- laced with gun, drug and violence references. In fact, one song, which is on his new CD and hasn't even been released yet, seemingly predicted what occurred on Monday.

"Somebody do you wrong, it's up to you to let them know," Streets says in his song. "The possibility of you dying is how far you're willing to go.

"I've been in negative situations -- some did even get me shot at. Most of them, I shot back."

"What he's saying is he's been through a lot, and he's trying to make it," Streets' sister, Lisa Lawrence, said.

At music store Alpha Electronics, located just down the street from the shooting scene, owner Chris Horton peeked inside Streets' head through his music.

"When you live in the streets, that's where you're from," Horton said. "You grew up there, so that's part of the consequences you have to deal with."

Streets underwent surgery twice on Monday. One of the four bullets that wounded him hit his heart. Family members told Action News that doctors give him only a slim chance of survival.