Home Medical Test Kits Are Big Business For Manufacturers

CLEVELAND - Home medical test kits are not only convenient for consumers, but they're also making companies billions of dollars, Action News' Tiffany Burns reported.

It has turned into a lucrative venture for manufacturers. The test kit craze is now topping the billion-dollar mark, and it could go even higher.

You can find the kits, which test for everything from high cholesterol to the HIV virus (like the one pictured, above), just about anywhere. Many promise quick results, but health experts warn that you should be careful what you buy and how much stock you put in the results.

"Some of them are not quite as accurate as you get with commercial labs," internist Dr. Warren Feldman said.

So you're wondering what the most popular kits on the market are? Well, it seems that those testing blood sugar for diabetes and the home-pregnancy test bring in the biggest bucks.