Mother Suspected Of Trying To Kill Her Children

CLEVELAND – Police are holding a local mother of two in the psychiatric unit of a local hospital after it is believed that she tried to kill her own children, Action News' Ed Gallek exclusively reported.

The mother, who is now at Saint Vincent Charity Hospital, is suspected of slitting the throats of both of her children on Tuesday night as part of a plan to kill them.

Neighbor Wayne Byrd, who was just coming home at the time, said that his daughter saw her 15-year-old friend running across the street bleeding from her throat.

"My daughter saw her and said that her throat was cut and she was bleeding, so I ran in the house, brought her in and put a towel around her neck," Byrd said.

Byrd then called police, who also paid a visit to the injured girl's home (pictured, above) near the intersection of Talford and Lee roads on the city's southeast side. There, they found the injured girl's 5-year-old brother also with his throat slashed.

Police said that the mother admitted that she was going to drug her children and cut their throats. Detectives said that they found a knife and a Gatorade-type concoction to put drugs in. They also said that there was a letter with how the mother was going to kill the kids.

Byrd said that there were warning signs.

"She wouldn't seek help, and nobody could do anything for her," Byrd said. "She wouldn't let anybody do anything for her."

Neighbors, including Byrd, now wonder whether doctors or social workers could have done more to help the family sooner.

Meanwhile, those who lived through part of the ordeal are trying their best to get over the horror of what took place.

"She's like a sister to me," the victim's friend, Brittany Byrd, said. "I was real scared and I panicked when I saw her. Then when she was taken to the hospital, I was just shaking and I couldn't stop."

Both young victims are expected to fully recover.

Cuyahoga County social workers said that mental health experts had been working with the mother to try to help her and make sure the kids were safe.

Charges have yet to be filed, thus Action News is choosing not to identify the family by name.