Police Find Big Load Of Marijuana At Location Of 911 Call

MASSILLON, Ohio (AP) - Police responding to a 911 call in this city's Colonial Hills neighborhood found marijuana -- a lot of it.

Some of it was growing in pots. Some of it was cut and drying, and some of was bagged and ready for illegal sale, police said. During four hours Wednesday afternoon, police collected and loaded it into a van.

Todd H. Hensel, 41, of Massillon, was arrested and charged with illegally cultivating marijuana. He was being held in the Massillon City Jail on a $10,000 bond.

Hensel dialed 911 after his 15-month-old son swallowed some bleach. He told police that he dialed three times, thought he didn't get through and then gave up. He took his son to Doctors Hospital's emergency room.

Meanwhile, emergency dispatchers sent police to Hensel's house. Officers climbed through an open window into the house, then began searching from room to room for someone in distress.

No one was home. But in the basement officers found 53 plants, some of them blooming. They estimate the marijuana being processed weighed more than 25 pounds.

"He had a lot of money invested in this," Chief Mark Weldon said. Police confiscated lights, timers and other equipment along with the marijuana.

Police said that Hensel returned to the house while they were conducting their search. His son was treated at the hospital and released.

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