Man Convicted Of Unlicensed Dentistry Sentenced To 10 Days In Jail

MEDINA, Ohio (AP) - A denture-maker convicted of doing unlicensed dental surgery in his basement was sentenced to 10 days in jail.

George Boskocevic, 49, of suburban Hinckley, injured one patient while performing a root canal and endangered others, Medina Municipal Judge Dale Chase said.

Boskocevic was found guilty of practicing dentistry without a license Wednesday.

Defense lawyer David Hare said Boskocevic meant well and that he did not work for profit. Boskocevic said he limited his dental work to fewer than 25 people, mostly relatives.

Chase also ordered Boskocevic to perform 24 hours of community service, pay a $600 dollar fine and write apologies to his patients.

The charges were based on an Ohio State Dental Board investigation.

Boskocevic described himself as a self-employed dental technician who makes dentures and crowns and who helped relatives and people with little money. Most had no dental insurance, and few paid him, he said.

Boskocevic, who said he studied dentistry in Europe, said family and immigrants who could not afford to pay a dentist often asked for his help, and he rarely turned them away.

Ron Lemmo, a Willoughby Hills dentist and vice president of the Ohio Dental Association, said Ohio requires additional clinical training even for those who have completed dental training overseas.

Ohio guarantees dental care for those unable to pay, according to Lemmo, who said untrained people or inadequately trained dentists can harm the teeth and the patient's overall health.

The dental board began investigating Boskocevic after receiving a complaint from a Parma dentist. The dentist saw a patient who had undergone a root canal in Boskocevic's basement.

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