Action Of Restaurant Worker Makes Couple 'Shake' With Disgust

MEDINA, Ohio – Tom Meyer, The Investigator, found out that two Medina restaurants have had big problems with maintaining a clean environment for their customers. His shocking revelations are part of his "Dirty Dining" report.


Steak and Shake has a reputation for making a great milkshake, but chocolate shakes prepared for a couple at the Steak and Shake restaurant on Pearl Road in Medina were less than appetizing.

That's because a food handler overfilled the cups causing the milkshakes to spill off of the sides. Instead of using a clean cloth to clean up the mess, the worker was seen removing the ice cream not with her finger, but with her tongue.

"I said, 'My gosh, she licked the side of the cup,'" customer Larry Amacher recalled. "My wife started watching, and she saw her do it a second time, and I said, 'I don't believe it.'"

Incredibly, the worker caught with her tongue out was training other employees.

"I'm not a squeamish person, but I definitely was not going to drink those milkshakes," Amacher said.

The manager said that the employee was demoted and the couple received a written apology and was offered a free meal. He assured Action News that this was an isolated incident.

"It's certainly not our policy," the manager said.


Just down the street at the Dragon Buffet, city inspectors found dozens of health code violations -- eight pages of problems -- a lot of them serious. The violations included things like potentially hazardous foods being held at improper temperatures.

When The Investigator walked in the front door to try to get answers, workers frantically cleaned the kitchen in back. Little did they know that Action News hidden cameras were rolling inside the kitchen.

Workers were caught on tape without hats or hairnets, and food handlers were caught not wearing gloves.

With the owner inside the restaurant, The Investigator was forced to wait outside for 45 minutes because the owner had to make sure that everything was just right before he invited The Investigator into the kitchen.

The owner said that he's working hard to correct the violations, but when The Investigator started to question him, he became enraged and started to yell.

There were many restaurants that passed their health inspection with flying colors. Among the gold-star winners were: Damon's in Independence; Quinn's in Cleveland Heights; and Subway in Brecksville.

*Please keep in mind that these reports were conducted after Cuyahoga County health inspectors cited the establishments. To find out if the restaurants listed above have corrected their problems, call the Cuyahoga County Health Department. They can also tell you the newest restaurants to receive citations and which restaurants passed inspection.