Something In Baked Potato 'Bugged' Customer

MEDINA, Ohio (AP) – Tom Meyer, The Investigator, heard from a local Wendy's patron who said that an unintentional ingredient in her baked potato continues to "bug" her and a Taco Bell patron who said that she was served a funky chalupa. The disgusting dining experiences were all part of his "Dirty Dining" report.


Most of the time, baked potatoes served at Wendy's are a good deal, but Bonny Funk was nearly hysterical when she unwrapped the potato that she bought from a Wendy's in Medina.

"I went down to take the first bite and this bug was baked on the potato," Funk said. "It was like the grossest thing."

Funk said that she showed her co-workers, including one woman who knows her spuds.

"I grew up on a farm. I've worked around potatoes," co-worker Char Eberling said. "Those were not eyes. Those were bugs.

"You could see little antennas coming out and the wings in the back. It was about an inch long."

Wendy's denies that there was a bug. A manager said that there was a case of spuds with the eyes of the potato showing.

"There was only that one case where that happened, and then we took the whole case off the shelf and put them in the office when that happened," the manager said.


At the Taco Bell in Garfield Heights, chalupas come with lettuce, tomato and meat. One couple, however, said that they got a chalupa with an extra ingredient.

"I tasted something funky," Charlotte Webb said.

The something funky turned out to be a piece of someone else's chewing gum, according to Webb.

"I mean that's very disgusting," Webb's boyfriend, Matthew Beran, said.

Taco Bell apologized to the customer, but declined an on-camera comment.


In Cleveland, restaurants are taken to court if they repeatedly fail to meet safety standards. The city is in the process of taking criminal enforcement action against New Orleans Seafood on St. Clair Avenue.

Action News' hidden camera caught an employee handling a customer's French fries with his bare hands. City inspectors have said that there are rodent droppings throughout the restaurant and that some potentially hazardous foods are stored at a temperature that is 20 degrees below where it should be.

The Investigator tried to get some answers, but he was told to "get lost" when he visited the dining establishment.

Many restaurants did pass their health inspections, including Action News' gold star winners: Bruegger's Bagels on Center Ridge Road in Rocky River; Denny's on Bagley Road in Middleburg Heights; and Carrie Cerino on Ridge Road in North Royalton.

*Please keep in mind that these reports were conducted after Cuyahoga County health inspectors cited the establishments. To find out if the restaurants listed above have corrected their problems, call the Cuyahoga County Health Department. They can also tell you the newest restaurants to receive citations and which restaurants passed inspection.