Agency Has Help In Busting Drug Dealers

MENTOR, Ohio – Action News' Ed Gallek has obtained video shot over the years by the Lake County Narcotics Agency that has been used to bust drug dealers and to get all kinds of illegal drugs off of the streets.

The undercover police video was an Action News exclusive.

In one video, a man tries to buy drugs, but he gets robbed instead. If that wasn't bad enough, when the man tries to get his money back, serious violence breaks out.

The video is of two drug dealers fighting each other for the chance to make the next sale.

Mixed up with the drugs and violence is money. Whether it's a dealer's house or two guys meeting in a parking lot, the narcotics agency has captured it all.

"I'd like to do a half, like a half-ounce," one man is heard saying on the video.

The dealer replies, "You know how much that is, right?"

The tapes help take hundreds of pounds of marijuana, cocaine and other dangerous drugs off of the streets.

"We've got some good news and some bad news," one man is heard saying on the videotape. "The good news is that 100 pounds are coming up from Texas on Tuesday."

Another video shows a man buying drugs talking about how he had to have his dad get back to him before making the purchase.

The real-life drama that unfolds in front of the hidden cameras is never predictable.