Humane Society Helps City Nab Pet Pig

CANTON, Ohio (AP) - Inky would not go quietly.

The 200-pound, potbellied pig resisted arrest and raced about in a house even after being drugged with animal tranquilizer, said Ron Sheaks of the Stark County Humane Society.

The pig, three dogs and two cats were eventually removed Friday from Judy Funkhouser's house because of city code and health violations, said Mark Adams, of the Canton City Health Department. One dog was euthanized.

Ms. Funkhouser must clean her house to avoid criminal charges.

She bought Inky four years ago in Carroll County, when the pig was only 10 weeks old. A law to prevent swine in the city limits has been on the Canton books since the 19th century, Adams said.

"It seems to me that they should know what their city laws are," Funkhouser said. "They waited four years to tell me."

Inky has a new home with a local farmer.

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