Man Who Tries To Rob Store Ends Up Dead

CLEVELAND – Arab store owners on Cleveland's east side said that they are fed up with all of the crime and violence, and they are taking action. Late Tuesday morning, a robber went into a gas station convenience store with a gun and ended up dead because a worker at the store decided to fight back, Action News' Lynna Lai reported.

The Action News chopper was quick to the scene, where a store employee at the Citgo gas station on East 156th Street fought a potential gunman with gunfire.

Witnesses said that the robber went into the Citgo, flashed a gun and demanded money, but a clerk at the station -- the store owner's brother -- shot him first.

The wounded robber staggered approximately 50 feet out of the station and died on a city sidewalk.

The owner of the store, Sofien Faad, said that his family was prepared to fight back because this wasn't the first time someone attempted to rob their store.

"Nobody knows what's going to happen when they have a gun to your face," Faad said. "Nobody knows what's going on in the guy's head.

"My brother was able to shoot first and take him out before he took him or any of the other customers down."

The death of the 22-year-old gunman triggered tension in the neighborhood as some people were questioning whether the self-defense was necessary.

"You can't blame any store owner for defending themselves in light of the fact that so many of them have been killed," Ward 11 city councilman Mike Polensek said.

One such death hits home for Faad's family. His father was gunned down in a store holdup 10 years ago. This time, they were determined that the outcome would be different.

"Armed robbery doesn't pay," Faad said. "In the end, there's going to be a fatality. Who's it going to be?"

The suspect who died was also a suspect in the armed robbery of the same store on April 20.

Authorities took Faad's 25-year-old brother in for questioning, but he was not charged.