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Instant Messaging: User Beware!

Instant messaging is the technology that allows people to chat online in "real time" with their friends. Because IM is not as traceable as e-mail, it has also attracted predators who try to find easy ways to communicate with children.

The following six tips are rules that parents should tell their children to follow while they IM:

  1. Never accept an instant message from someone that you don't know.
  2. Never share someone else's screen name with a third party.
  3. Never send an IM that you would not want everyone to see.
  4. Do not put any information in your personal profile.
  5. Create a screen name that does not give away personal information about you. Initials and numbers are better than actual names or ages or years of graduation.
  6. An inappropriate message should always be reported to a trusted adult.

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