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Questions Being Raised About Guardian Assigned To Care For Now-Missing Child

CLEVELAND – It is continuing heartbreak for a mother in East Cleveland. For each day that her baby girl is missing, fear that she will not be found alive intensifies. Now, new information about the guardian assigned to the child by the Florida Department of Children and Families reveals that the woman had a criminal past and a sketchy mental state to boot, Action News' Sharon Reed reported.

Action News acquired a just-released age-enhanced photograph of Rilya Wilson (pictured, right) that shows what the missing girl would look like today. Authorities are hoping that the photo will be used to help locate Rilya, who was literally lost in the system.

Fifteen months ago, someone walked up to her and took her away from her legal guardian, Geralyn Graham. No one knows who took her or why.

Now, disturbing revelations about Graham are being made public, including details of her criminal past and about her sketchy mental state.

Her age, where she's from, even the question of her name is confusing. Records show that Graham used as many as 33 aliases, listed different birth dates and social security numbers and once had two licenses issued on the same day. And just where was she born? Depending on what documents you look at, it could be the Bahamas, Mississippi or Florida.

Graham's wrap sheet in the Sunshine State dates back at least two decades and includes food stamp fraud and grand theft.

Knowing all of this about Graham's past, the state of Florida still picked her to care for Rilya and her sister.

"They told me that as long as I had not been arrested for anything violent or molestation that I could be the caretaker for the children," Graham said.

Here's what else Florida authorities apparently didn't know: In 1996, Graham was in an accident and she sued. Court records show that a psychologist diagnosed her with hallucinations, personality disorder and dementia.

Graham's lawyer said that his client does not suffer from dementia, but she does have memory loss. Graham has insisted that she does remember what happened the day Rilya disappeared.

"A DCF social worker left my house with her," Graham contended.

Florida Police officials said that Graham is not considered a suspect in Rilya's disappearance, but they said that they are curious about a lie-detector test that she took which indicated deception on her part.

In addition to everything else, several ministers in Florida have recently come out and said that Graham might have taken off with church funds.

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