Steelworkers At Ohio LTV Plant Given Notice That Site Could Close

MARION, Ohio (AP) - Employees of an LTV Corp. tubular steel plant in the central Ohio community of Marion have received warning notices that it will close in two months if a buyer cannot be found, a plant official said.

Human Resources Director Mike Shanaberger said the plant's more than 150 employees were given the notices Tuesday. Workers continue to hope the plant can be sold.

"It would be a tough job to get that done, but there is a glimmer of hope someone would buy it," he said.

LTV spokesman Mark Tomasch said in January that the bankrupt company planned to sell the plants in its Steel Tubular Division, including the Marion plant. A message was left for Tomasch on Wednesday evening.

Economic development officials in the city 42 miles north of Columbus have said the plant is profitable and do not think the operation would be affected if a new owner took over.

In 2000, the plant hired about 50 employees after it received two eight-year contracts to manufacture steel tubing and other parts for two Dodge vehicles.

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