Killing 2 Dogs Was Right Thing To Do, Shooter Says

CANTON, Ohio (AP) - When two pit bulls began a late-night attack on his two pets, Paul Slentz did not hesitate to use his 12-gauge shotgun to kill the attackers.

Previously, he saw the pit bulls chase a woman on his street, he said.

"Enough is enough," Slentz said. "The police have got to do something about these vicious dogs."

It is illegal in Canton to shoot strays, unless the animals are a threat, said Assistant City Prosecutor Ty Hauritz and Stark County Dog Warden Jeff Wright.

"If there's a threat of serious physical injury to your animal or a person, say a child, then you can use force necessary to stop that threat," Hauritz said.

Slentz said there was a threat.

He had fallen asleep on his couch Monday night when his son woke him about 11:10 p.m. after hearing a commotion outside, he said.

Slentz saw the pit bulls biting his chow, and his beagle was trapped in its small doghouse as the pit bulls were trying to get in, he said. So Slentz took aim.

"I shot the one right through the shoulder and shot the other one right through the back," he said.

Police located the owner, Christopher Edwards, of Canton, who told the dog warden that his two dogs had been stolen from his property.

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