Health Inspectors Not Happy About Bloody Doughnut

WARRENSVILLE HEIGHTS, Ohio – Tom Meyer, The Investigator, uncovered some upsetting details from the Cuyahoga County Health Department about a bakery worker handling food with a bloody hand. It's just one of the bad dining experiences highlighted in his Dirty Dining report.


It was at the Honeygirl Bakery in Warrensville Heights where a customer ate a doughnut with human blood on it. A health inspector found that a worker cut herself and was handling food with a bloody hand.

The incident happened about 10 days before Maureen Murphy took over the place.

"It's the first time I'm hearing about it," Murphy said after The Investigator told her of the health violation that took place before she got there.

Murphy said that under her watch, you could rest assured that no one will be handling food with their bare hands.

"Well, I would hope that if you had a bloody finger, you wouldn't be touching food," she said.


At the Courtyard Cafe in Brecksville, a customer thought that she found a cockroach in her soup last month. It turned out to be a grasshopper.

The owner, Bob Bailey, apologized to the customer, reimbursed her and gave her some gift coupons.

"We think (the grasshopper) came in the spinach that we buy frozen because this time in Ohio, there's no grasshoppers," Bailey said.


At Friendly's on Center Ridge Road in Westlake, a customer's lunch was disrupted by several mice that she noticed running through the dining room.

"I terminated the problem," manager Nilda Feliciano said. "I caught the problem and terminated it."

Feliciano said that she killed one mouse and called in pest control experts to keep the rodents away.


Restaurants are seldom, if ever, hauled into court for isolated incidents, but the city of Cleveland fired off a warning letter to Subway on Saint Clair threatening to suspend the restaurant's license if it fails to correct food service violations.

The restaurant has been cited three times since January for the same violation -- employees not wearing hair restraints.

"I don't know because everyone wears hats," manager Sherri Coon told The Investigator. "You don't have to wear hairnets, just a hat or visor."

Just a week before Coon made those statements, Action News' hidden cameras paid a visit, and caught her on tape working without wearing any type of hair restraint.

There were also some questions about the tuna fish. It's supposed to be kept at 41 degrees or colder, but a health inspector found it at 57 degrees. That's a problem that could lead to bacterial growth and food-born illness.

Coon said not to worry because all of the violations have been corrected.

"It was just due to a lack of knowledge," she said. "I mean, they were overlooked."

As always, The Investigator features three violation-free restaurants in his Dirty Dining report. The gold star winners this time around were: Quizno's on Rockside Road in Independence; Caribou Coffee House on Detroit Avenue in Westlake; and Dave's Famous Sub on East 6th Street in Cleveland.

*Please keep in mind that these reports were conducted after Cuyahoga County health inspectors cited the establishments. To find out if the restaurants listed above have corrected their problems, call the Cuyahoga County Health Department. They can also tell you the newest restaurants to receive citations and which restaurants passed inspection.