911 Tapes Reveal Horror Of Day Children Narrowly Escaped Death

CLEVELAND – A mother of two children is suspected of plotting to kill her kids last week by slashing their throats. On Thursday, the tape of the 911 phone call that probably saved the children's lives was released, vividly depicting the horror that they went through, Action News' Sharon Reed reported.

It's hard to imagine what Miriam Thomas' children went through, but the 911 recording gives you an idea. The horror plays out on the tape.

"There's a little boy, and he has lacerations to his throat," a neighbor named Gail told the 911 operator.

Gail might well have saved the lives of Thomas' 15-year-old daughter and 5-year-old son. Each of the children had their throats slashed, they say by their mother.

After having her throat slashed, the teen-ager ran to a neighbor's house for help, bleeding from the neck.

Police said that Thomas (pictured in court, above) planned for weeks to kill her two children and her own mother. They reportedly found a letter on her computer spelling her plan out.

Thomas said nothing in court earlier this week, but Cuyahoga County social workers heard her cries for help before the attack. There was an active case for "mental health issues," according to county documents. Still, social workers didn't take her children from her.

"We were trying to work with the family," Children and Family Services spokesman Jim McCafferty said. "We were trying to do what was best for kids and put a plan together, and then this occurred."

Thomas was hospitalized for psychiatric care just two weeks before the attack. Now, a Cuyahoga County commissioner is involved. His goal is to protect children in similar situations.

A grand jury has indicted Thomas of child endangerment and attempted murder.