Shooting Range Bullet Nearly Takes Out Little Girl Coloring Across Street

GRAFTON TOWNSHIP, Ohio - A bullet that came flying out of a Grafton Township shooting range nearly hit a little girl coloring across the street, Action News' Wendy Gillette reported.

The bullet ended up lodged in a wall at the Prechtl family's house just a few feet from where little Emily was coloring on Thursday morning. It came from the West Branch Rifle and Pistol Range, which is across the street from the house.

"If you take the direction of that bullet and put it straight down where the door is, where is it going?" Emily's mother, Janeane Prechtl, said. "It's scary, really scary."

A shooter at the range, which operates legally, aimed too high over an embankment that usually stops bullets.

Janeane Prechtl (pictured pointing at Emily, above) said that her family would fight for changes to be made at the range.