Suspected Robber Arrested After Jumping Into Unmarked Police Car

TOLEDO, Ohio (AP) - A suspected bank robber whose getaway driver took off without him jumped into the next car he saw -- it just happened to be an unmarked police car, authorities said.

Eric D. Davis, of Detroit, jumped into the car, waved a gun, and told officer Anthony Duncan and city employee Ray O'Rourke to drive, police said.

Duncan, who was not in uniform, and O'Rourke looked at each other for a moment, then the officer jumped into the back seat and took the gun away.

"I just reacted," Duncan said. "I knew the gun was loaded. Just thank God things turned out the way it did."

Davis, 31, was charged with aggravated robbery and kidnapping, police said.

He entered the National City Bank on Tuesday afternoon and took a bag of money from an employee, police said.

Davis left the bank being chased by several customers and students from a high school across the street, police said. He ran toward a getaway car but fell before getting there. The car took off at a high rate of speed.

Duncan and O'Rourke held the suspect down. The students joined in getting Davis outside the vehicle and subduing him until officers arrived, police said.

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