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Rudd Trial Stopped Almost Before It Started

CLEVELAND – A mistrial was declared on Wednesday in the trial of a mother accused of killing her children by setting their home on fire, Action News reported.

The Eve Rudd trial stopped just one day after it had started because a bailiff "misspoke" about a possible piece of evidence during a jury tour of the house. The bailiff reportedly asked the jury to take note of "shredded papers" in the dining room.

That was not supposed to happen, and the judge in the case felt it appropriate to declare a mistrial.

Rudd (pictured, above) is facing nine charges, including aggravated murder and arson, for the fatal incident that happened last June at the family's home on Eddy Road.

Eve and her youngest child escaped the blaze, but little Arial and Stephen Rudd died.

Prosecutors have said that the mother set the fire for the purposes of killing the children. Arial and Stephen were found burned to death in their bed. Their father was not home at the time of the fire.

Jury selection for a new trial will start on Thursday.

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