Bomb Squads Called Twice In Separate Incidents

CLEVELAND – With the latest terrorist threat warnings, Ohio is on alert with the rest of the country, and twice on Thursday, bomb squads rolled on suspicious packages, Action News' Tom Johnson reported.

The Action News chopper was over the scene at the Lakewood-Cleveland border as the first bomb scare unfolded.

It's not every day that there's a bomb scare on West 117th Street and Clifton Avenue, so word got out quickly through nearby restaurants, putting everybody on edge.

"They said there might be a bomb across the street," Marcy Ronen said.

"I hope it doesn't go off," Mark Rubin said.

"Somebody did clank the dishes back there and I did jump," restaurant patron Deb Docherty said.

The bomb squad rigged the box with string to open it from a safe distance. They moved the crowds back and opened the box.

It turned out that there were no booby traps and no bomb. It was just a bag full of videotapes and an American flag.

Almost at the same time, another suspicious package was spotted in Summit County and another call was put out for a bomb squad.

Again, there was no bomb, but with the current terrorism warnings, no one is taking chances. One of the warnings says that big holiday festivals, like the Rib Fest in Cleveland, could be targets.

People like Tina Pierson and Brian Butler said that they worry, but they're not about to give in to terror threats.

"What can you do?" Pierson asked. "You just have to keep your eyes open and if you see anything, say something."

"I believe in God, and God will take care of us," Butler said.

Police officers said that they don't know who put the package in the newspaper box or why they did it, but they are still looking through those videotapes for clues.