Sabathia Makes Special Trip Back To Cleveland To Pick Suspects Out Of Lineup

CLEVELAND - As Action News first reported: Two men accused of robbing Cleveland Indians pitcher C.C. Sabathia are former Cleveland State basketball stars.

Action News' Ed Gallek broke the news of the suspects' arrests, and on Thursday learned that despite the Indians being on the road, Sabathia made a special trip back into town and picked the suspects out of a police lineup. Then, late on Thursday, charges were filed against Damon Stringer and Jamaal Harris.

Only Action News was there to capture Sabathia making his special visit with police and picking out the two men suspected of robbing him at gunpoint.

You might remember one suspect as no. 24 for CSU -- former basketball star Stringer. The other suspect -- Harris -- used to wear no. 11 for CSU. Now, both men are wearing prison uniforms.

Action News talked with Sabathia as he boarded an airplane to rejoin the team. He said, "I'm just happy it's over with."

CSU's athletic director tried to make sense of the incident. John Konstantinos said that he was shocked by the news that two of his former athletes were charged with pulling a gun, stealing $40,000 worth of jewelry and $3,000 in cash from the Indians star at an upscale Downtown Cleveland apartment.

The evidence consists of the hotel's security camera video and police said that they found some of the stolen jewelry at one of the suspects home. They also said that they recovered a gun.

Action News went to visit both suspects in jail to get their side of the story, but neither would talk. They'll have to answer to a judge on Friday.