Former Northeast Ohio Businessman Ordered Out Of U.S. For Helping Nazis

CLEVELAND (AP) - A former Brecksville real estate company owner was ordered out of the U.S. for helping Nazis arrest Jews during World War II.

Aligmantas Dailide, 81, is the first of three Greater Clevelanders accused of helping the Nazis to face such an order. He was stripped of his citizenship in 1997.

Dailide has told The Plain Dealer that he will appeal the federal immigration judge's ruling that he must return to his native Lithuania. The Florida judge has said that when Dailide came to the U.S. in 1955, he lied about his work for the Lithuanian security police, which handed over Jewish adults and children to the Germans to be killed or forced to work.

The judge said although 60 years have passed, Dailide must be held accountable for his crimes against humanity.

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