Domestic Dispute Ends With Woman Stabbed To Death

AKRON, Ohio - A mother of three children was stabbed to death in Akron after a domestic dispute with her ex-husband turned physically violent on Friday morning, Action News reported.

Police officials said that the woman's ex-husband, Larry L. Hunter, 32, allegedly stabbed her to death inside her house on Akron's east side and then he barricaded himself inside the home, leading to a 90-minute standoff situation with authorities.

Many neighbors

witnessed t
woman, Karen M. Hunter, 36, fighting with Larry
in the middle of the street near Akron City Hospital.
id that
dragged her into
house and killed her.
It all happened despite the fact that Karen had a civil protection order against Larry.

Some neighbors were upset at what they said was extremely slow response time by police. After hearing screams form inside the home and then calling 911, they said that it took authorities more than 20 minutes to respond. They said that they repeatedly called 911 to find out what was taking them so long and were told that most officers were already at the scene of another crime.


took some pills
to try to kill himself before
police fired tear gas into the
house and pulled him out. His semiconscious body was placed on a stretcher and taken to
a local
, where he was listed in critical condition.

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