Gifts To Charity Turn Into Stolen Goods

PARMA HEIGHTS, Ohio - Tom Meyer, The Investigator, has discovered that some gifts given to the local Salvation Army have turned into stolen goods.

"We've been the most trusted charity over 130 years and we want to remain that," Salvation Army spokesman Paul Cranford said.

The long-standing charity suffered a black eye when one of its own workers, Lynne Harper, was caught stealing cars.

"Her position was to pick up donated vehicles that persons donated to the Salvation Army," Parma Heights Police Department spokesman Charles Darnell said.

At least six cars, including a Ford Probe and Buick LeSabre, were stolen.

Generous Clevelanders couldn't believe it.

The Salvation Army fired Harper, who has since been convicted of theft, adding to her record as a convicted felon.

Action News tried to talk with Harper on four different occasions before finally catching up with her at home. She was in no mood to talk, however, and slammed the door in an Action News producer's face.

The charity knew that Harper was a convicted felon when they put her to work.

"She was hired by my predecessor and she had, I guess, gone through a Salvation Army program, graduated and had shown that her life had been turned around," Cranford said. "Of course, the Salvation Army is an organization that believes in giving second chances."

The Salvation Army has the safeguards in place to prevent this type of thing from happening again.

It took swift action to show Clevelanders that the organization can still be trusted.