Woman Told To Leave Home, But She Can't

CLEVELAND - A Cleveland woman can't leave her home even though she's being evicted, Action News' Lynna Lai reported.

Josephine Petro (pictured, right) weighs close to 600 pounds and said that she is unable to move out of her east-side home. Her landlord sympathizes but said that she's got to go.

For two weeks, Petro and her two children have not had running water. Friends and neighbors, including Evelyn Phillips, have been dropping off gallons of water -- a donation that is as good as gold to the struggling family.

"I guess being a pastor, I'm used to helping people," Phillips said humbly.

Petro and her family are running out of time, however. The landlord said that the home is being foreclosed and they have to move, but because of Petro's severe obesity, they can't.

"It's my fault," Petro said. "It's truly my fault."

At 560 pounds, Petro has not been able to find another place, even after the landlord shut off the water.

"I need help and I'm reaching out the best way I can right now," Petro said.

Trapped in a roach-infested home with no running water, Petro has relied on the kindness of friends. It hasn't always been this way, however. She has been fighting obesity for 15 years and said she knows that there was a time when she could have helped herself.

"So that's what it's come to now," she said. "I didn't do when I had the chance to do."

There is some good news in this story. Action News contacted some government agencies that have said they could help Petro and her family.