Local Student Wins Donated 1984 Car

CANTON, Ohio (AP) - When Timken High School rewards a student for good attendance, it gives them a chance to win a car.

For her good school attendance over the last seven months, sophomore Pamela Davis, 16, won a 1984 Pontiac Sunbird in a random drawing.

A student who has perfect attendance for a whole month gets an entry ticket for the drawing, Timken Principal Joseph P. Andaloro said Tuesday. A student could earn up to nine tickets. This is the second year for the giveaway.

Davis had seven chances among the 1,800 tickets entered in the drawing.

The donated Sunbird was restored by Timken students in auto mechanics and auto body classes.

Andaloro said the car giveaway is just one of several incentives Timken uses to encourage attendance.

He said when a name is drawn for the car, parents are notified before the student is told, in case they don't want their child to have a car. If a parent declines the car, which happened in a previous year's drawing, another name is drawn.

Parents must furnish proof of insurance before the car is released.

Pamela said she thought she was in trouble when she was called to the principal's office last week and found Andaloro and three assistant principals waiting for her. She said she was happy to receive the car.

Davis still must get a driver's license. She plans to see her school counselor this week about signing up for driver's education classes.

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