Hazardous Chemical Leak Leads To Evacuations - Cleveland 19 News Cleveland, OH

Hazardous Chemical Leak Leads To Evacuations

EUCLID, Ohio – A hazardous chemical situation in Euclid has led to the evacuation of at least one building in the area, Action News' Neki Mohan reported.

The Action News chopper was high above the scene to help break the story just after 1 p.m. on Friday. From the air, Lake County Hazardous Materials units could be seen on the ground working to fix the problem.

The problem originated from the Hose Master Inc. plant at the intersection of East 222nd Street and Tungsten Road, which had to be evacuated. Apparently, a corrosive -- some kind of chemical or propane -- was found leaking at the plant. One of the possibilities is that the corrosive was phosgene, a colorless, highly toxic gas that can be used in chemical warfare as well as industrial processing.

Three people had to be transported to Euclid Hospital.

Some additional areas around the Hose Master plant were also evacuated, and other businesses that could have been affected by the chemical leak include an electric plant and lumber plant, both located just down the road.

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