13-Year-Old Accused Of Using Someone Else's Identity To Buy Jet On Internet

ROGERS, Ohio (AP) - A 13-year-old middle school student spent about $2 million in a science class buying a helicopter, a jet and other items over the Internet with someone else's account, authorities said.

The Columbiana County Sheriff's Department said the boy made the purchases May 24 on the eBay auction Web site using a computer at Beaver Middle School in the eastern Ohio town of Rogers about 40 miles south of Youngstown.

The buys included a $1.1 million helicopter and a $199,000 jet, authorities said. He also bought motorcycles and a pickup truck, they said.

The boy bought the items using a password belonging to a friend's mother.

The woman discovered the purchases the day the helicopter's owner called and asked how she intended to pay for the aircraft. She is having the purchases canceled, a sheriff's spokesman said.

The boy's actions are under review within the county's juvenile justice system.

School officials are considering disciplining the boy, Principal Tom Sapp said.

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