Medina Police Accused Of Ditching Work For Coffee Breaks

MEDINA, Ohio (AP)- Four police officers took extended coffee breaks, failed to tell dispatchers where they were and were slow to respond to calls, according to the police officials.

Police Chief Dennis Hanwell has suspended a sergeant in the group and has recommended that the other officers be suspended for up to two weeks. He also is recommending that the sergeant be demoted to patrol officer.

Mayor Jane Leaver will make the final decision on the sergeant's demotion and punishment for the other three.

According to Hanwell, Sgt. Ronald Ross and officers David Soika, Daniel Warner and Jason Winebrenner worked the night shift together and would take long coffee breaks without reporting where they were to dispatchers. They failed to respond promptly to non-emergency calls, Hanwell said.

Hanwell said that on several occasions, the four went on breaks together, meaning most of the city's night police force was in a coffee shop instead of on the street.

The police department investigated the officers based on an anonymous tip.

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