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Spilled Pesticide Creates Tense Moments Inside Industrial Plant

EUCLID, Ohio – Three workers at an industrial plant were taken to a hospital after they were exposed to a pesticide on Friday, Action News' Wendy Gillette reported.

The accident happened at Hose Masters Inc., which is located on East 222nd Street in Euclid.

The spill shut down the street for a couple of hours and led to some scary moments for workers.

The Action News chopper captured the evacuation of the area from high above the scene. Dozens of workers from Hose Masters and surrounding businesses waited outside, wondering what happened.

"It was a little scary at first," Hose Masters employee Tony Scull said. "They just said 'evacuate' so we did what we were asked to do. All we heard was that there was some kind of spill."

"All they told us to do is evacuate the building because they got some sort of chemical on a skid in the back of the building," Hose Masters employee Jeff Lyle said.

Police said that Hose Masters, a company that makes metal hose, received a package from Thailand that contained a cylinder filled with a pesticide.

"It was improperly punctured upon shipment," Euclid Police Capt. Dave Brooks said. "When it reached its destination, it was accidentally punctured. We had a couple of workers here exposed to it. They were taken to a hospital to be decontaminated.

"The folks know what they're doing there. They evacuated a substantial area there, but it shouldn't be a problem to anyone else."

Hazardous materials crews cleaned up the shipping dock where the spill happened.

As for the workers who were taken to the hospital, they were listed in good condition. A hospital spokeswoman said that they should all be released very soon.

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