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81-Year-Old Credits Faith With Helping Him Survive Riding Mower Accident

GRANGER TOWNSHIP, Ohio - Many people use riding lawn mowers to make their yard chores easier, but a man in Medina County ended up pinned under his machine for nearly 30 hours, Action News' Lynna Lai reported.

Joe Hobsek, 81, got into trouble when he tried to round the edge of the pond behind his Granger Township home on his riding lawn mower.

"The mower slipped into the mud a little bit," Hobsek said. "I got off the mower and I shut off the blades. Good thing I did, I guess."

In a stroke of bad luck, he shifted the mower in reverse and it rolled on top of him, pinning his leg face up in the water.

Afternoon turned to night and night turned to day. Hobsek tried screaming for help, but nobody heard his cries. Cold and hungry, he clutched the rosary beads that he always carries with him.

"I prayed bushels of rosaries," he said.

Then, more than 27 hours after he was first pinned under the mower, a family friend went over to check up on Hobsek, found him and called for help.

"The mower had gotten stuck and then he got off it and left it in gear and it rolled over on him," paramedic Sherri Kedzior said.

"The biggest thing was that a family member happened to stop by," Granger Fire Department Assistant Chief John Ginley said. "If not, we would have been picking up a dead body."

Hobsek suffered from dehydration and hypothermia, but he did not have any broken bones. Paramedics said that he was very lucky to have survived.

Hobsek was taken to Akron General Hospital, where he will likely be released in the next couple of days. His doctors said that he would be OK to mow his yard next week.

When asked what got him through the ordeal, the 81-year-old said, "I have faith."

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