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Freighter Damages Dock Outside Of Eatery

CLEVELAND - A freighter took out part of the dock right outside of Shooters in the Flats and damaged some nearby boats on Monday. This isn't the first time that this type of accident has happened, raising questions about whether it's safe to dine on the docks, Action News' Wendy Gillette reported.

All of the caution tape blocking off a section of the dock outside of Shooters is an obvious reminder of what went wrong.

A freighter bumped three boats that were tied alongside each other in the water and also left $20,000 worth of damage to the dock.

Because the Cuyahoga River is so narrow, freighters often get very close to the Shooters dock and sometimes hit it. The U.S. Coast Guard said that many freighters that frequently travel the river are built specifically to navigate through narrow passes.

Most freighters have propulsion systems that allow them to move very slowly and turn almost in place. That's needed because the Cuyahoga is a winding waterway and narrow in spots.

Even though freighters and barges come within 75 feet of restaurants like Shooters, management said that its customers should not worry about safety.

"The patio is still open," Shooters manager Beth Neel said. "It hasn't affected any of our dining or patio areas. It's still a great place to come down and see the mixed-use venue that the Flats is."

The investigation into what happened is ongoing. Meanwhile, a few members of the Cuyahoga River Safety Task Force plan to meet on Tuesday morning to talk about any safety changes that should now be considered.

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