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'Man Of God' Says Judge Is Devil

CLEVELAND - A man posing as a minister called a Cleveland judge the devil, a racist and a Nazi. Police said that the self-proclaimed man of God is really the bad guy, and they want him off of the streets before he hurts innocent children, Tom Meyer, The Investigator, exclusively reported.

Robert Reed (pictured, right) has been in and out of court since 1996, mostly on disorderly conduct charges. On Friday, he gave a Cleveland judge an earful.

"If you don't understand the law, I will teach you the law as a Supreme Court justice, so help me God!" Reed yelled in court. "You want to take me down because I'm of God and you're of the devil."

Reed was in court on a charge that he cut Cynthia Irizarry with a knife. Irizarry said that she was trying to protect her 5-year-old daughter from the 43-year-old Reed.

"He was trying to sexually assault me and my 5-year-old daughter," she said. "He was taking pictures of my daughter too."

Police said that Reed has been hanging out at Blessed Sacrament School attempting to solicit children. He wears a white collar and calls himself the Rev. Reed.

Reed wore the white collar in court and a jacket worn by former members of a state drug taskforce.

"He definitely needs to be taken off the streets," Cleveland policeman Dave Kornatowski said. "Whether it's jail or it's a psychiatric hospital."

His mother, Wyonna Willis, said that Reed is not a threat to himself or others, but she said that he does need professional help.

"He should be on medication," Willis said. "I don't think he is at this present time."

It was just a month ago that the Cleveland Police SWAT team moved in on Reed, who was holed up in his apartment. Police said that he was threatening neighborhood kids with a shotgun.

In court, he verbally abused a judge for the court's handling of his latest case.

"I know what this is," he said. "This is racism. This is racist treatment of a black man because you want to do a black man in."

Reed, who has seven criminal cases pending in court, remains locked up pending a hearing.

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