Judge Denies Man's Vampire Defense Claim

LEBANON, Ohio (AP) - A judge has rejected the defense strategy of a man who said he dropped boxes, soda cans, drums and a sheathed dagger on his estranged wife and her boyfriend because he thought they were vampires.

David R. Biren, 52, of Cincinnati, is charged with domestic violence and assault.

On Monday, Warren County Common Pleas Judge James Heath barred Biren and his lawyer from claiming he was justified in using force against Kimberly Biren, 34, or Charles "Shadow" Perkins, 29, both of Amelia, because he believed they were vampires.

Lawyer Jason Showen had said Kimberly Biren's "extensive involvement in the vampire world" and Perkins' financial dealings with several women would be offered as evidence.

David Biren is accused of throwing things onto Perkins as he walked beneath a loft where the Birens worked during a Renaissance festival in October. Kimberly Biren was struck when she went to Perkins' aid, police said.

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