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Officer Charged With Assault Found Not Guilty

CLEVELAND – There was tension in the air as a jury decided the fate of an officer in trouble with the law. It wasn't just any officer, however. It was Parma policeman Dean Leon -- the brother of fallen Cleveland officer Wayne Leon.

Dean was charged with assault after punching a man outside of a Parma bar while he was off duty. The incident left Todd Mey in a coma for 10 days. Dean claimed self-defense.

The jury believed him and found him not guilty of all charges against him. Before he left the courtroom as a free man, however, one could tell that the case took a toll on him and his entire family -- a family that had already been through so much.

"We believe justice has been done," defense attorney Pat D'Angelo said. "We don't feel that arrogantly. We feel terrible about the final outcome and injuries for Mr. Mey and we wish him the best."

Dean had no comment. He has been suspended from the Parma Police Department because of the incident, but Action News learned that he's already taken steps to get back on the force.

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