Man Sentenced For Using AIDS As Weapon

CLEVELAND – In a groundbreaking case, a University Heights man was sentenced on Friday for using the AIDS virus as a weapon, Action News' Ed Gallek exclusively reported.

William Mock had unprotected sex with a girlfriend and didn't tell her that he had the AIDS virus. Because of that decision, he faced a judge on Friday in a first-of-its-kind case in Cuyahoga County.

Dying of the disease, Mock walked up to be punished for using his illness as a weapon.

The judge convicted him of felonious assault despite his contention that he "did not set out to intentionally hurt anyone."

"When I found out, well, I was devastated," his victim testified. "He didn't volunteer to tell me. I just found out."

Action News would not identify his former girlfriend, but last year she reported Mock to University Heights Police.

She learned that Mock had the AIDS virus after she found a cabinet filled with pills. She said that he hadn't told her about his illness and they'd had unprotected sex repeatedly.

"I'm actually on medication for the trauma," she said. "The wondering, worrying … you've got to wait for test results. Are they just going to say you got it?"

"I was hoping our relationship would work," Mock said in his defense. "It's difficult to talk about this -- this disease."

In light of Mock's condition, Judge Ann Mannen gave him probation, but she's also making him reveal the identity of any other women who he might have had unprotected sex with.

The former girlfriend was not satisfied with the light sentence.

"If he's out here infecting other women, he should be in jail," she said.

The victim has tested negative, and Mock said that there are no other women.

A University Hospitals doctor said that AIDS is transmitted most often through sex, usually heterosexual contact. It's usually discovered within three months.