State Worker Accused Of Double-Dipping

CLEVELAND – In a story that you could have only seen on Action News: Tom Meyer, The Investigator, found out that a worker is in trouble for allegedly double dipping at the state's expense.

Robert Barton worked as a survey technician for the Ohio Department of Transportation, but the state is now looking into just how often was he really working for ODOT.

"He had a business, personal business that he was conducting while on state time," Ohio Highway Patrol Lt. Monte Morgan said.

Barton is accused of installing large special event yard signs in his customers' yards while he should have been working for ODOT.

"We were able to identify 55 separate occasions where he took the time to erect these yard signs," Morgan said.

Barton said that he's innocent and that he was set up by the state patrol.

Action News tried to talk with him at District 12 headquarters, but he refused.

Barton is accused of using a state truck and transporting his private yard signs to various homes for a personal profit. Even though investigators can document dozens of cases, Barton said that he conducted personal business on his own time.

Barton will answer to theft in office charges. He's still working for ODOT pending the outcome of his criminal case.