State: 98 Percent Of Seniors Passed Proficiency Test

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) - Although 98 percent of high school seniors passed the ninth-grade proficiency test this year, about 2,400 students did not graduate because they didn't pass all five parts of the exam, the Ohio Department of Education reported Thursday.

Of those students who didn't pass all sections of the exam, 1,723 students, or nearly 73 percent, need to pass only one more section.

"It has been exciting to watch this class steadily improve from a passing rate of 66 percent since first taking the proficiency tests as eighth-graders, to a 98 percent passing rate across all five subjects as seniors," said Susan Tave Zelman, state schools superintendent.

Also, 91 percent of 11th-graders, 83 percent of tenth-graders and 69 percent of ninth-graders have passed the five parts, reading, writing, math, citizenship and science.

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