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Blast Suspect Known For Neighborhood Stunts

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    Three men in their 20s are still being held by police and will likely face charges after they allegedly threw what originally was thought to be a large firecracker from the upper deck during Tuesday night's Indians game at Jacobs Field. It turns out that the device thrown wasn't a firecracker after all.More >>

ELYRIA, Ohio – Neighbors of one of the suspects charged for the detonation of an explosive device at Jacobs Field said that the alleged culprit has a history of performing neighborhood pranks, Action News' Paul Orlousky exclusively reported.

Donald Kreiger, Andrew Mendez and Clifton Oliver have all been charged with aggravated arson and felonious assault. They are scheduled to appear in court on Saturday morning.

Police said that they held the suspects for most of the 72 hours allowed by law before charging them late Friday morning because they wanted to take the time to build a strong case.

It's a case that a mother in Elyria doesn't believe.

"I truly believe that my son had nothing to do with this," Oliver's mother said.

Neighbors, however, told Action News a different story.

"I heard about it yesterday, and when I heard who did it, I said it doesn't surprise me none," neighbor Linda McMillan said.

All three of the men charged in the incident once lived on Carol Lane in Elyria. Neighbors there point to one of the men as the ringleader in neighborhood stunts -- stunts that she said no one found funny. Because of that, no Carol Lane resident with whom Action News talked was crying any tears over the fact he's moved.

For example, McMillan said she believes that Oliver put Xlax in her son's candy, making him sick.

The explosion at Jacobs Field has changed a lot of things at the ballpark. Security is tighter and searches are more thorough.

The blast will also likely change the lives of the three young men charged in the crime -- whether they're found guilty or not.

Oliver's mother defended her son, but had little else to say.

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