Mother Explains How Her Daughter Fell Out Of Second-Story Window

CLEVELAND – Action News' Ed Gallek went looking for answers days after a 1-year-old girl fell out of a second-story window at a local apartment complex.

The incident happened on Friday night at the complex located on the corner of Eddy Road and Oakview Avenue. Little Alexis Taylor fell from the window (pictured, right) to a tiny patch of grass.

Action News wanted to know how something like that could happen, so it got a hold of the child's mother.

"She is OK," Alexis' mother, Twilette Taylor, said about her daughter. "My son made a mistake. He left the window open. The screen was already loose. She fell out, but she's OK. So, it's over with. Bye-bye."

It is not that simple, however. Police could still charge Twilette with child endangering. She told police that she was giving another child a bath when Alexis fell.

Twilette said that she wasn't worried about being charged with anything. The child's aunt didn't show any alarm either, telling Action News that Alexis likes to climb and go near the window.

"She always comes to the window," the aunt said. "She sees people and she gets excited. That's why we always keep the window locked because she always goes to the window."

The police investigation is said to be ongoing.