Study Produces Alarming Results Regarding Playground Safety

CLEVELAND – A study conducted by the Ohio Public Interest Research Group produced some alarming findings regarding playground safety, Action News reported.

The results of the study were released on Thursday.

Ohio PIRG -- a safety advocacy group -- said that it found hazardous conditions on almost all of the playgrounds that it investigated.

One of the worst offenders was the old MLK Playground on Martin Luther King Drive in Cleveland. There they found peeling paint, hard surfaces and inadequate spacing among playground equipment. Those were just a few of the hazards that children who play there face on a daily basis.

"We need to make sure that our local authorities and our state authorities are enacting laws and having mandatory regulations to ensure we have safe playgrounds for our children," Ohio PIRG spokeswoman Meagan Wachter said.

Last year, 190,000 kids were hurt on playgrounds and 17 died on faulty playground equipment.

Wachter said that government officials must be proactive in making Ohio playgrounds safer.