Investigation Of Incident Where Child Fell From Window Producing Results

CLEVELAND – Social workers are calling what happened last week at Eddy Road and Oakview Avenue an accident.

They are not blaming the mother of a 1-year-old for allowing her child to fall out of a second-story window (pictured, right). Rather, they are using the incident to push for safety improvements at the apartment complex where the accident happened.

In a story that you could have only seen on Action News, Ed Gallek got the 911 tape of the desperate call for help following the child's dangerous fall and gave us an update regarding the results of a police investigation.

  • Operator: Cleveland ambulance. What's your emergency?
    Caller: A baby just fell out the window. Oh God! I was standing here in the window and all of a sudden the baby just came on out. Slam down.

Little Alexis Taylor fell from a second-story window last Friday night. A neighbor saw it and called 911.

  • Operator: Is she awake?
    Caller: I don't know. The family and everything is coming out now. They're panicking.

The neighbor became a connection between help and the hurting child.

  • Operator: Is she breathing? Is she breathing?
    Caller: Yes. She's breathing. Yes. She's breathing.
    Operator: I do not want anybody to move that child at all. Don't move that baby.
    Caller: He said don't move her.

Somehow, Alexis survived with no serious injuries.

On Monday, Action News went back to find out how the accident happened. Gallek met and talked with the child and her mother.

"She is OK," Alexis' mother, Twilette Taylor, said. "My son made a mistake. He left the window open. The screen was already loose. She fell out, but she's OK."

Cuyahoga County social workers, including Jim McCafferty, said that they don't blame the child's mother.

"We believe she just left the room momentarily," McCafferty said.

Social workers said that the landlord has promised to make the screens stronger and safer.

"The real risk factor here is a low windowsill so that the child can lean right out," McCafferty said. "Mom wants to fix it. We're working with the landlord to get that done."

Action News called the landlord on Thursday afternoon, but have not yet heard back.

Social workers said that parents everywhere could learn from what happened.