City Reverses Water Flow; Some Worry About Pipes

MEDINA, Ohio (AP) - For nearly 100 years, the 85-mile labyrinth of water pipes under the northeast Ohio city of Medina has carried water from east to west.

That's about to be reversed and some are worried if the century-old pipes will be able to handle it.

Later this week, Medina officials are to shut off the tap from several wells that feed Lake Medina -- the city's only water source. When that happens, Medina will start getting its water from Lake Erie, and the water will go the opposite direction through the underground pipes.

Some of those pipes are 120 years old and have sediment buildups and stalagmites. City Engineer Patick Patton said that the sediment could break off when the water flow is reversed and the pipes could burst.

Patton said that Medina is preparing for the worst and hoping for the best.

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