Mom Arrested For Leaving Child In Hot Car

WESTLAKE, Ohio - Dangerously hot temperatures have made their way back to northeast Ohio as temperatures are expected to hit 90 degrees once again on Monday.
For one local woman, the heat combined with her alleged negligence has landed her in jail, Action News reported.
Police said that the woman left a small boy in a hot car at the Westlake Promenade Shopping Center on Detroit Road.
Someone saw the child sweating while laying on the front seat of the car and called police. The authorities got the child out of the vehicle and arrested the mother, who was shopping at The Gap at the time.
The 2-year-old boy received treatment at a local hospital and was then turned over to his grandmother.

It's not the first time something like this has happened in Greater Cleveland. Just last week -- when the temperatures were in the mid-90s -- the same type of thing occurred.

A mother and father are due in court sometime this week because police said that they too left their baby in a hot car while shopping.
Police said that 21-year-old Lauretta Karafilaj and her husband 28-year-old Arjan Karafilaj locked their baby in a sealed, hot car last Wednesday at a Marc's grocery store in Lakewood.
The child was found unconscious, but doctors were able to revive him.
Along with not staying inside a hot car, health experts say that people should not bundling up with clothing, should use sunscreen and take frequent water breaks. They also recommend not drinking juice in the extreme heat because it can lead to an upset stomach.

When the heat index is as high as it will be to start this week, you could suffer from severe muscle cramping, heat sickness and/or heat stroke. Some common symptoms of heat sickness are: dizziness, fainting and excessive sweating. Some common symptoms of the much dreaded heat stroke, however, are: confusion, unconsciousness and not sweating.

The heat warnings should be taken seriously as one local person has already died from the extreme heat that northeast Ohio has been subjected to in the past couple of weeks.

Here are the three stages of heat sickness:

  1. HEAT CRAMPS - This involves severe muscle cramping, especially for athletes. It can occur when the heat index is above 85.
  2. HEAT EXHAUSTION - This is probably the most common form of heat sickness. The symptoms include: dizziness, fainting, and sweating a lot. Watch out when the heat index rises above 95
  • HEAT STROKE - This is a serious illness that occurs when the heat index goes above 105. Symptoms here include confusion, loss of consciousness and your body not sweating at all and overheating.
  • People go to the hospital for this one.