Police: Man Threatened Ex-Girlfriend, Killed Her, Killed Himself

CONNEAUT, Ohio - Police in Ashtabula County said that a man, who threatened to kill his ex-girlfriend, killed her then killed himself, Action News reported.

In this case, the victim tried to get help, moved, changed jobs and even called police several times before losing her life.

Despite her best efforts, her worst fears came true.

Alexander Castellano, 34, was found dead not far from a burning car with a body inside. Police said that he killed his estranged girlfriend -- 44-year-old Rhonda Kelly -- before killing himself.

"It's very unfortunate that people resort to things like this," Conneaut Police spokesman Jon Arcaro said. "I know it's very difficult for women when they are in these types of relationships to come forward and go to police and seek assistance."

The Ashtabula County coroner will use DNA testing to make sure the burned body is indeed that of Rhonda Kelly.